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Headquartered in New York, NY, Commercial Mortgage Strategies (CMS) is an investment partnership that manages focused capital on behalf of institutional clients.  CMS offers opportunistic real estate credit products that complement investors’ traditional fixed income strategies, real estate allocations, and broad alternative mandates.

Through intensive collaboration that began in 2017, the CMS team came together to create a best-in-class real estate credit platform and to design the firm’s innovative fund, Commercial Mortgage Strategies I, LP, which seeks to invest in a real estate credit portfolio backed by high-quality real assets in gateway U.S. markets. The fund responds directly to client investment needs in a flexible, efficient manner.


The CMS investment process promotes consistent, thorough execution of the fund’s strategy and the group benefits from the distinct but overlapping experience of its senior leadership, including principal real estate investing, real estate lending, credit structuring, macroeconomics, as well as in-depth market and project analysis.  Collectively, the fund’s founders have directly invested in or advised on the structuring and resolution of more than $70 billion of real estate and real estate-related securities throughout the investment cycle.


In addition to being deeply client centric, CMS intently promotes process discipline that synthesizes the team’s expertise and skills to drive investment performance and operational efficiency.  The business is spurred by proprietary relationships that extend beyond the firm, into an ecosystem of financial institutions, brokers, developers, real estate investors, service providers and academics.  These alliances enhance CMS’s edge.


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